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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Predictions

I am so excited for tonight’s season seven premiere of Game of Thrones that I’m actually contemplating staying up to watch it when it airs at 2 am. I have been pondering these predictions since the last season came off the air over a year ago, and I’m using complete gut instinct so I could possibly be wrong.

Spoilers for the rest of the show are ahead, and I will also be using some book speculation to come to conclusions, so tread carefully.

Littlefinger plots too much

I have been predicting the death of Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen) since the start of season six; part of me wants some justice for his antics, but the other part of me actually wants to see where his big plan will take him. I’m conflicted (which is where the show wants me to be), but I think after what he did with Sansa that it is now time.
Littlefinger will end up plotting too much this season; he will try to break apart the Stark family for his own gain, and he will suffer the consequences. I am positive that the Hound (who knew about the betrayal of Ned and is currently traveling North) will pass on this information to the Stark siblings and I hope he actually dies at Sansa’s hand.

I also really think the whole Jon v Sansa rift is actually put on, yes they haven’t really got on in the past but I really believe they are on the same page in this. Possibly looking as though they are working apart for payback for the Ramsey set up.

A Tarly (or two) will die

Remember Sam’s (John Bradley-West) horrible father Randyll (James Falkner) from the last season, well there may have been some images leaked of him going up against Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), some dragon fire, and her army. I don’t think Randyll will die during this battle, I actually think he will win this battle, but I believe he will lose his favourite son Dickon.

I know the actor has been recast, so they might just continue to use him in the story but I still cannot shake the feeling that the favourite son will die.

Dragon Riders

Well, there are three dragons; only one dragon can be bonded to one person, and it looks as though Jon (Kit Harington) will be visiting with Daenerys this season. We all know that his mother is Lyanna Stark; we also know that Baby Jon was being protected at the Tower of Joy by the best swordsman in the realm, so we can come to the conclusion that his father is of a certain lineage.

We also know that the Dragon has three heads, so if Jon is a Targaryen, does this mean we might get another Targaryen reveal this season, and we finally may see three dragon riders flying around Westeros.

The Night's King Revealed

I have been wondering who this dragonglass hearted figure is for a long time, is he an ancient figure who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or could those time travelling powers Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) has been an indication that an older version of him travelled back in time to prevent the Great War from happening.

The latter is my theory but I do feel this is pretty far-fetched because Bran is one of the good guys, the Starks are my favourite family, and I want them all to be heroes. But it would be an interesting twist; it would also explain why the Night's King seems to have the upper hand, and be really shocking for fans to watch.

The Wall Falls

It has to, right?  It would need to in order for the White Walkers to become an imminent threat, and it will come down at the completely wrong time. Daenerys and Cersei will probably be too busy fighting each other to listen to Jon’s claims about the real war they should be facing.

Westeros has lost so much; every life lost is a life which could be used right now, and of course, the show would just wait until we had everything we wanted to take it away in one big shock turn. How it’s coming down is one thing I’m not sure about, the Horn of Winter will probably be used, but Bran’s mark could also be a factor as he makes it to the Castle Black gates in the trailer.

Also what better time would there be to make an entrance when you have a battle field full of dead soldiers you can bring back to fight for you.

Jon captures Coldhands

Jon takes a small raiding party north of the wall, they all seem to form a circle in the trailer, and then it looks as though Jon’s in a fighting pit as Wight’s watch him. I believe that some of the party will perish, but he will probably be saved by his Uncle Coldhands Benjen (Joseph Mawle), who Jon will then take to both Queens to prove his story.

I cannot think of a way he would be able to actually capture and keep a White Walker; that is unless Sam finds some vital information in Oldtown. I just think it would be easier if Jon managed to smuggle his uncle beyond the wall instead.

Hodor comes back

Yes I know he is dead, I don’t expect him to come back to his old self, but I do expect him to come back as a Wight or has been turned into a White Walker. Could you imagine a half giant White Walker? Because I really, really, want that to happen!

He did “die” in close proximity to the Nights King, so he could be used in his Wight army, or instead, he could plunge the dragon glass into his heart. But he will be back to torment Bran for warging into his past and present, hopefully.  

Jaime is the Valonqar

Now there is a further prediction in the book about Cersei’s (Lena Headey) future, but in the show, we do not hear this. I believe this has been kept out for a reason, we don’t know the conversation ended at this exact point as when we leave Cersei is still in the hut, and it would be a huge spoiler to how her story would end as all these predictions seem to come true.

Now I’ve been on the Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) valonqar train for quite some time now, as he is also her little brother but the books and show tend to forget this information while constantly shifting this status to Tyrion. I could be completely wrong about this, the show could have left it out for another reason, but it would make sense to wait to give us this information
I believe a rift will form between the Lannister twins this season; be it Cersei’s lack of compassion when discussing their now dead children, her mad Queen antics, or by an alliance between her and Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk), the love he has for her is just going to continue being chipped away as he sees who she has become and he will eventually crack.

Honourable Mentions

•    Yara will get captured and die this season.
•    Arya will be too focused on her list and her direwolf to actually go home until later in the season.
•    Jorah will travel to Asshai for his cure.
•    Jon’s parentage will be revealed in the crypts.

Did I miss anything? What do you think is going to happen this season? Please comment below and tell me your views.

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